This method of ryukyu tatami laying is common for Japanese-style rooms

By laying the tatami mats in different mesh directions, the light reflecting from these mats will differ, creating an illusion of having two different colors.

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How to care for tatami

The three worries with that are: • Mites • Mould • And Dust. BABY

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IGUSA Igusa Akebono 9 Mats Set It is almost over in 2018. We have many requests for inquiries and samples to welcome the New Year in the Tatami room.

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Bright room with tatami

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Tokyo Charcoal Gray TOKYO SERIES

In the picture, it looks like 2 colors, but it is actually 1 color.

We will introduce your lovely room. before

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The color of the dark brown walnut floor and the color of the coordinated tatami.

It is a customer example of the new color of the ZEN series. The color of the dark brown walnut floor and the color of the coordinated tatami. Matching with a certain interior is also good.

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Exquisitely stylish tatami Zen Gray Pink

The customer’s room to introduce today is the room with tatami of Zen Gray Pink tatamimat zen

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Hisense Tatami space

I will introduce the guest tatami  room of a nice customer today. Zen Kurumi Zen Kurumi 9 Mats Set Zen Silver Zen Silver 12 Mats Set customer’s voice Cool tatami space was completed and I am very satisfied. In the Japanese style room where the red wall of the wall is impressive, with a silvery tatami mattured, it becomes a high-sensitive Japanese space! A wonderful room full of sense that I want to imitate. Please also refer to everyone ♪ ZEN Enjoy the texture of natural washi (Japanese paper), a Japanese made product used as the surface material in this series.

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Order for tatami bed

It is a nice tatami bed.