Classic Series custom size tatami IGUSA

We recommend you to order on a made-to-order basis.

Changeable are the following three:–The length, width, and thickness of a tatami mat–The types of the tatami-omote (cover)–The types of the tatami-beri (edging) [About the sizes of tatami mats]Maximum sizes we can produce:Tatami width—39 inches (990mm)Tatami length—78.74 inches (2000mm)Tatami thickness—2.16 inches (55mm) Adjustable in the minimum unit of any millimeters It’s a free estimate. Let us make your tatami mats uniquely yours. Let us take care. Feel free to contact us for more information. 読み込んでいます…

custom size tatami tatamimat

What is the structure of tatami mats?

The structure of tatami is comprised of 3 materials. Surface : Tatami facing Core materials :Insulation board (wood fiberboard) Surface : Slip-proofing for non-woven materials About tatami in surface area There are 3 types of materials used for tatami facing.

IGUSA Tatami made of Natural rush Zen Silver

Tatami space made by DIY

Flow until the tatami space is completed First we make a framework. Next, we put in three storage boxes