Meditation & yoga tatami

Tatami room used for yoga and meditation

TOKYO TATAMI MAKER https://japanese-tatamimat.com/ [ Cases of tatami mat use by our customers ]    Classic Series https://order-tatami.com/category/tat… TOKYO SERIES https://order-tatami.com/category/tat… ZEN SERIES https://order-tatami.com/category/tat… IGUSA https://order-tatami.com/category/tat… Bed tatami https://order-tatami.com/category/bed… Goza https://order-tatami.com/category/goz…

[ Case Studies ] Interior design with tatami mats exported from Japan

The tatamis TOKYO TATAMI MAKER delivers to the world are made in Japan using domestically produced materials. The tatami mats manufactured by our company are specially produced such that the back of these mats is slip resistance. Therefore, these mats can be laid directly and easily on floors such as a wooden floor. Since the back of these mats is manufactured using non-woven fabric materials, our company’s tatami mats will leave little to no damage to your floors while maintaining high slip resistance. Customer Case Studies → https://order-tatami.com/

Calming and relaxing space to work

[ Customer’s voice ] The types of Tatami : Classic black-heri Igusa Akebono Long https://japanese-tatamimat.com/classic The number of Tatami mats : 3 mats region (country) of residence : MA, USA The edging seen in the Classic Series is a traditional pattern.We offer two types with differing lengths and these are made thicker than our other tatami mat series. When placed over flooring, the small elevation made by this tatami creates an entirely new