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A customer in South Carolina gave us feedback about our Tatami

● Type of tatami facing: Classic Black-Heri Tokyo Green 36 inches×72 inches×1.18 inches  11mats  36 inches×36 inches×1.18 inches  2mats [Cusomer Voice] We have finally completed our tatami- shoji room project and I wanted to share these photos with you. We are extremely happy with how everything looks. It was a pleasure working with you and I want to send on our best wishes for a happy new year.Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! TOKYO TATAMI MAKER delivers Tatami made in Japan to countries all over the world. Our tatamis are made in Japan using domestic materials. Not only a standard size, but also you can order a custom size Tatami mat. It is a free estimate. […]

custom size tatami Tokyo Green

Interior that exquisite window light illuminates tatami

We will introduce you a wonderful room!

Classic Series Tokyo Green

It is a traditional type of Japanese tatami, but it has the latest features.

It is hot day in Osaka every day. I will try to hydrate enough and to be careful about physical condition. I would like to relax on the tatami.

Customer feedback tatamimat Tokyo Green TOKYO SERIES

we are watching while sleeping in the Tatami room.

I watch football world cup every night on TV. It is the days of lack of sleep everyday. Our house has two soccer boys, so it’s really exciting! During such an event, we are watching while sleeping in the Tatami room.

Customer feedback Tokyo Green

It is a case where customers laid tatami on flooring made with DIY

Today we will introduce your lovely room. TOKYO SERIES Tokyo Green 4 Mats Set

Tokyo Green

Beauty salon’s tatami space

It is the season when cherry blossoms bloom in Japan. Today we will introduce customer’s case.

Customer feedback tatamimat Tokyo Green

Be forever forever. Evergreen tatami mat

It is a nice Japanese room with a deep green calm. The beautiful impression of the new tatami seems to continue forever. You can understand the beauty of tatami truly if you do not put anything clearly in the Japanese style room. I’m putting tatami mats in the children’s room, so let’s tidy up by looking at such a nice room. . I will reflect on! Tokyo Green

Tokyo Ajisai Blue Tokyo Green TOKYO SERIES

Tatami can be so gorgeous and wonderful!

It is a gorgeous space! The original floor is luxurious with white and gold checkered pattern. I do not know what room this is, Is it a locker room because shelves are stuck? What a nice owner would be to make that tatami floor. It is a selfish imagination. Tatami can be so gorgeous and wonderful! Rest room tatami Product name : Tokyo Green 6 Mats Set Entrance Product name : Tokyo Ajisai Blue 6 Mats Set Customer feedback Address Saga Prefecture Japan Purpose of use Put tatami on the flooring This product is explained in detail on the website. TOKYO TATAMI MAKER