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A wonderful “chashitsu” tea ceremony room.

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Igusa Akebono carpet style that you can comfortably enjoy the igusa fragrance.

We have received a photo from a customer who purchased a goza carpet from us the other day.

The photo shows how the customer spreads the goza carpet out on wooden flooring and performs the tea ceremony on it.

the customer is using a genuine tea set and has created a wonderful “chashitsu” tea ceremony room.

The goza carpet is made entirely of the surface portion of tatami mats.

It can be folded up to a compact size, and therefore can be stowed when the room is not being used for the tea ceremony.

The customer also filled out our questionnaire, and we are presenting the replies for your information.





You can enjoy Japanese taste and atmosphere just by putting Tatami on the floor.

Goza Carpet is a floor rug made with tatamiomote (tatami facing) and tatamiberi (a belt shaped cloth) of a tatami mat.

Gozaoza Carpet https://japanese-tatamimat.com/goza

Tatamiomote uses locally produced natural igusa from Kumamoto Prefecture.
There is no core board like a real tatami mat, so it can be rolled up and moved.
You can also comfortably enjoy the igusa fragrance.

You can enjoy Japanese taste and atmosphere just by putting Tatami on the floor.


Chanoyu tatami used for tea ceremony

Enjoy the tea ceremony

There are many ways to lay tatami mats.

To enjoy tea ceremony with 3 or 6 tatami mats.

100% Authentic Tatami. Made in Japan.

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Put tatami on the flooring

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