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A customer in South Carolina gave us feedback about our Tatami

● Type of tatami facing: Classic Black-Heri Tokyo Green 36 inches×72 inches×1.18 inches  11mats  36 inches×36 inches×1.18 inches  2mats [Cusomer Voice] We have finally completed our tatami- shoji room project and I wanted to share these photos with you. We are extremely happy with how everything looks. It was a pleasure working with you and I want to send on our best wishes for a happy new year.Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! TOKYO TATAMI MAKER delivers Tatami made in Japan to countries all over the world. Our tatamis are made in Japan using domestic materials. Not only a standard size, but also you can order a custom size Tatami mat. It is a free estimate. […]

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We recommend you to order on a made-to-order basis.

Changeable are the following three:–The length, width, and thickness of a tatami mat–The types of the tatami-omote (cover)–The types of the tatami-beri (edging) [About the sizes of tatami mats]Maximum sizes we can produce:Tatami width—39 inches (990mm)Tatami length—78.74 inches (2000mm)Tatami thickness—2.16 inches (55mm) Adjustable in the minimum unit of any millimeters It’s a free estimate. Let us make your tatami mats uniquely yours. Let us take care. Feel free to contact us for more information. 読み込んでいます…

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Put together here are the videos sent from our customers showing how their rooms look like using our tatamis.

The tatamis TOKYO TATAMI MAKER delivers to the world are made in Japan using domestically produced materials. Put together here are the videos sent from our customers showing how their rooms look like using our tatamis.

Classic Series custom size tatami information TOKYO SERIES ZEN

It is possible to send Tatami samples by post.

Which type of which color do you want to see? Is only Igusa I want to see? It is $ 9 per item Please tell me the name and color of the item you care about. If there is some type of tatami facing that interests you, please feel free to ask us for a sample, using the following form.

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Tatami texture

Classic Series Traditional Cloth Edging Design The edging seen in the Classic Series is a traditional pattern.We offer two types with differing lengths and these are made thicker than our other tatami mat series. When placed over flooring, the small elevation made by this tatami creates an entirely new space Classic Series ZEN This tatami does not have an aroma as it does not contain materials made from igusa. Just like the Tokyo Series, these mats have been water and stain proofed, so no matter the spill; water, tea, coffee, etc., there will be no trace left after cleaning. Extremely water repellant and resistant to color fading. ZEN Series […]

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You can make a tatami mat for a custom bed

Comments from customers My total tatami area: 190x135x3(depth) cm” ● Room size: 190 cm × 135 cm A room of this size requires2 tatami mats with each having the following dimensions: 95ccm × 135ccm × 3c cm Place (area) of residence London, United kingdom 

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Examples of installations of tatami in tea rooms

Tatami is deeply embedded within Japan’s traditional culture of “Chado – the Way of Tea”. The alignment of the tatami in the tea room varies according to the Tea Tradition of the School of Tea, and details such as the placement of the hearth are finely calibrated.

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Custom tatami mat from JAPAN

Turning Your Living Room Into A Relaxation Space With Tatami Customers can now turn their wooden floor rooms into a room laid with Tatami mats in a DYI manner. To do so, customers will first have to measure the size of their room. Once the sizes are measured, our company will manufacture and adjust the size of the tatami mats accordingly. The tatami mats will be ready for delivered after one week since the day of order. The tatami mats will then be delivered to customers via shipping services such as DHL. Once the tatami mats have been delivered, customers can then cover their rooms with tatami mats by themselves. […]

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Japanese Modern Classic Black-Heri Tokyo Gloss Black

Classic Series Classic Black-Heri Tokyo Gloss Black(Checkered Pattern) Long Is black tatami room dark? Although it may be worried about, if half of the checkered black reflects light with a bright color, those who are lost will have to sample and please check.