custom size tatami

DIY Tatami Do you want to replace your old tatami with your own stylish Ryukyu tatami?

How to Order

Measure the size of the tatami and request by email a quote for Ryukyu tatami

If you contact us via our enquiry form or by email about the size of your room, we will reply with drawings with the tatami pasted in and a quote within one business day.

Tatami is produced in millimeters, so we can handle detailed sizes.

We can fabricate tatami in sizes between thicknesses of 15 mm to 60 mm. (Consult with us if your tatami will exceed 60 mm.)


It is possible to send Tatami samples by post.

Which type of which color do you want to see?

Is only Igusa I want to see?

It is $ 9 per item

Please tell me the name and color of the item you care about.

If there is some type of tatami facing that interests you, please feel
free to ask us for a sample, using the following form. Continue reading

Custom tatami mat from JAPAN

Turning Your Living Room Into A Relaxation Space With Tatami Customers can now turn their wooden floor rooms into a room laid with Tatami mats in a DYI manner.

To do so, customers will first have to measure the size of their room. Once the sizes are measured, our company will manufacture and adjust the size of the tatami mats accordingly.

The tatami mats will be ready for delivered after one week since the day of order. The tatami mats will then be delivered to customers via shipping services such as DHL.

Once the tatami mats have been delivered, customers can then cover their rooms with tatami mats by themselves.

Do not hesitate to contact us to have your next room beautifully laid with tatami mats.


Chanoyu tatami used for tea ceremony

Enjoy the tea ceremony

There are many ways to lay tatami mats.

To enjoy tea ceremony with 3 or 6 tatami mats.

100% Authentic Tatami. Made in Japan.

Free shipping in continental United States.

Put tatami on the flooring

This product is explained in detail on the website.

How we quote for our made to measure Tatami mats

How we quote for our made-to-measure Tatami mats

There are two way in which we can provide a quote.

  1. You can ask us to quote based on the size and quantity of Tatami mats.
  2. You can ask us to quote based on the size of your room

if you want to make custom tatami mats


Questions about tatami

Q:Hi, Will like to understand if we could replace the floor carpet with your product,

You can replace your floor carpet with our Tatami. If your floor has a flat and smooth surface, the stopper attached to the back of Tatami works to keep it stable. We can accept your order for custom-made Tatami, with dimensions fit to your room.


Please let us know the dimensions—length (mm) x width (mm)—of your room, so that we can give you our price quotation. Continue reading