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Gentle air feeling TATAMIMAT(TOKYO SERIES)

It was a typhoon that I had not seen before, but is everyone okay with the damage? The common sense up to now is remarkable as being useless against the power of nature.

Customer feedback Tokyo Gold TOKYO SERIES

Reading room with tatami floor for people who love books

It’s a nice reading room Children are likely to grow books like this if they are such rooms. before after Customer feedback The room we set up is a reading room and a customer While placing the tatami while throbbing, it was perfect for opening and closing the door, perfectly, it was a very satisfying and nice item. My 2 year old Tatami favorite daughter was overjoyed and he was playing while reading picture books as soon as he was screeching The application of high-grade igusa texture and breakthrough functionality Material used tokyo-series Tokyo Gold 9 Mats Set Size of tatami 82 x 82 x 1.5 cm (32.3 x 32.3 […]