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Advantages of custom ordering tatami mats

Click here for the form for inquiries about placing orders for tatami sizes. CONTACT FORM Contact Classic Series

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The surface material of Tatamimat

Inquiry form ↓ Our tatami can be placed anywhere in your home. With a thickness of 1.5 cm (Only the Classic Series is 3 cm), they are thin and not so different from a rug. Tatami with and without edging are available as well as a wide range of colors. You will definitely be able to find a match for your interior. We sell sets that can be enjoyed immediately upon delivery. Our tatami is square, 82 cm (64.56 in) x 82 cm (64.56 in). (Except for the Classic Series) You can make a purchase of one mat, but we also offer sets of 3, 4, 6, 9, and […]

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Coin Cases made from tatami material

This Coin Case is very lightweight and has a unique, traditional Japanese design that is considered to bring good luck. This style of coin case is hard to come by, even in Japan.They can also be used to store cards.

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Put together here are the videos sent from our customers showing how their rooms look like using our tatamis.

The tatamis TOKYO TATAMI MAKER delivers to the world are made in Japan using domestically produced materials. Put together here are the videos sent from our customers showing how their rooms look like using our tatamis.

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DIY Tatami Do you want to replace your old tatami with your own stylish Ryukyu tatami?

How to Order Measure the size of the tatami and request by email a quote for Ryukyu tatami If you contact us via our enquiry form or by email about the size of your room, we will reply with drawings with the tatami pasted in and a quote within one business day. Tatami is produced in millimeters, so we can handle detailed sizes. We can fabricate tatami in sizes between thicknesses of 15 mm to 60 mm. (Consult with us if your tatami will exceed 60 mm.) TOKYO TATAMI MAKER


Yellow and green tatami. What is the difference?

The tatami mats can have a long life of use if they are set to avoid direct sunlight and there is moderate ventilation.


This method of ryukyu tatami laying is common for Japanese-style rooms

By laying the tatami mats in different mesh directions, the light reflecting from these mats will differ, creating an illusion of having two different colors.

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A wonderful “chashitsu” tea ceremony room.

Goza Carpet Igusa Akebono carpet style that you can comfortably enjoy the igusa fragrance. We have received a photo from a customer who purchased a goza carpet from us the other day. The photo shows how the customer spreads the goza carpet out on wooden flooring and performs the tea ceremony on it. the customer is using a genuine tea set and has created a wonderful “chashitsu” tea ceremony room. The goza carpet is made entirely of the surface portion of tatami mats. It can be folded up to a compact size, and therefore can be stowed when the room is not being used for the tea ceremony. The customer […]

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In Japan rice straw tatami mats have largely fallen out of use

In Japan rice straw tatami mats have largely fallen out of use. This is due to changes in the home environment. Until 50 years ago, Japanese homes tended to be constructed of wood, and using rice straw tatami mats in these buildings was not a problem. Nowadays however homes are built to be airtight.