Customer feedback tatamimat Tokyo Natural

Bright room with tatami

Customer feedback

Tokyo Ecru Beige Tokyo Natural

Tatami room with checkered pattern of ivory and mocha beige

Today I will present photos and impressions of nice rooms from customers

Tokyo Natural

Baby smiling ♪ Mothers rest assured ♪ Tatami

Today is a must-see for your family with a baby, it is an introduction of your room. Customer feedback Our house initially used the bed in the bedroom The baby will not sleep in the baby bed, I was sleeping in bed for adults. However, as it turns to turn over and there is a danger of falling I was always worried and uneasy. Thanks to you, now my family is on tatami I’m sleeping on futon. My baby is sleeping comfortably even on the tatami mat after before Material used TOKYO SERIES The application of high-grade igusa texture and breakthrough functionality Tokyo Natural 9 Mats Set Size of tatami […]