Handmade bed tatami

Today is an introduction of customers who have ordered repeat.

It is my own bed tatami mat.
I received a glad word, so I will introduce ♪

«« before ««

before tatami bed
before tatami bed

«« after ««

after tatami bed
after tatami bed

«« tatami bed ««

Tatami bed

customer’s voice

The other day, I ordered it for my own bed frame and let me install it.
I created another bed frame and ordered tatami again.
I am able to get a sleep that is perfect and pleasant.
I will be able to do the size which is the merit of DIY as I think, and also make tatami mat according to it
(It is apt to become a frame according to its size if it is a commercially available minute) and I am very happy that I can make an ideal room with things.
Thank you for a really nice tatami.

The two beds are flat, like king size beds are amazing!
It seems convenient that it will also become a independent bed on occasion.

Thank you very much!