Tokyo Leaf Green(Checkered Pattern)

It is the impression of the customer who purchased tatami mats

happy New Year!
We propose and introduce a nice Tatami life this year, ♪


Tokyo Leaf Green(Checkered Pattern)
Tokyo Leaf Green(Checkered Pattern)

customer’s voice

Question 1:
What brought you to our company tatami matters?

I looked for something on the net.


Question 2:
Did you think about applying immediately?

I inquired and reviewed various things with my family.


Question 3:
What made you decide the order?

It always responded quickly to questions and inquiries from here.
Even when a lot of people gathered and sat down, I thought that the comfort was good.
Even if grandchildren come to play and get dirty, they are easy to clean.
This Tatami was a calm pattern, I thought that it was a pattern not to get tired.


Question 4:
How is it actually used?

I am very satisfied now.
I am able to do both calligraphy and stretch with confidence.
Due to the thickness to some extent, for now it fits perfectly for flooring and there is no gap.
I hope that “deviation” will not occur in the future.




Tokyo Leaf Green(Checkered Pattern)