6 tatamimats

My longing for my space. A dream spreading at 3 tatami

The wonderful guest room

Excursions and athletic meetings, various festivals etc. are seriously difficult due to rain every day in japan.
It continues about not in memory.

When this is time to change the room!
Why do not you just shake the new tatami mat ♪

Let me introduce you the wonderful guest room.


3mats 2

Customer feedback


Befor board

The bottom of the tatami is a tree board

A wonderful space has been created


Is it a 3 tatami mat room, or an atelier, or a study? It is a really nice space.

Zen Kurumi is a faded brownish color like matte.

TOKYO beauty grass Chocolate Brown and Akita Brown are colors which are r rather glossy, so please compare those who are interested in the sample.

Tokyo  tatamimat】


【ZEN tatamimat】


Material used

Zen Kurumi

Size of tatami

Zen Kurumi 6 Mats Set
The size of one sheet of Tatami Mat is approximately 82 x 82 x 1.5 cm (32.3 x 32.3 x 0.6 inches).

Purpose of use

Renovation from Western style room to Japanese style room

This product is explained in detail on the website.