Be forever forever. Evergreen tatami mat

It is a nice Japanese room with a deep green calm.

The beautiful impression of the new tatami seems to continue forever.

You can understand the beauty of tatami truly if you do not put anything clearly in the Japanese style room. I’m putting tatami mats in the children’s room, so let’s tidy up by looking at such a nice room. . I will reflect on!


Tokyo Green

Place it in the middle of the white French interior living room tatami

The Tatami matches the balance of the whole house as an unreasonable balance

Okitatami up

Customer feedback

Because it is a continuation from the living room of pure white French interior
tatami without edge has reasonably matched as the balance of the whole house.

You decorate accessories from now
I am looking forward to creating a Japanese space.

Thank you very much.

Material used

Natural rush from Kumamoto Prefecture

Room size


Size of tatami

750mm×750mm×15mm 9mats


Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture

Purpose of use

Put tatami on the flooring

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