It is possible to send Tatami samples by post.

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If there is some type of tatami facing that interests you, please feel
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You can enjoy Japanese taste and atmosphere just by putting Tatami on the floor.

Goza Carpet is a floor rug made with tatamiomote (tatami facing) and tatamiberi (a belt shaped cloth) of a tatami mat.

Gozaoza Carpet https://japanese-tatamimat.com/goza

Tatamiomote uses locally produced natural igusa from Kumamoto Prefecture.
There is no core board like a real tatami mat, so it can be rolled up and moved.
You can also comfortably enjoy the igusa fragrance.

You can enjoy Japanese taste and atmosphere just by putting Tatami on the floor.


Sleeping on a tatami mat is a common practice, as tatami mats provide just the right amount of cushioning.


High-grade natural igusa tatami and all materials are produced domestically in Japan.


Enjoy the texture of natural washi (Japanese paper), a Japanese made product used as the surface material in this series.


The application of high-grade igusa texture and breakthrough functionality

Classic Series

Traditional Cloth Edging Design

TOKYO TATAMI MAKER ships Japanese made tatami to U.S.A., Singapore, and other countries all over the world.
This exporting business is operated by TATAMISER Co., Ltd. with support from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, which is an Independent Administrative Institution under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.