Traditional Cloth Edging Design

Classic Series

The edging seen in the Classic Series is a traditional pattern.We offer two types with differing lengths and these are made thicker than our other tatami mat series.
When placed over flooring, the small elevation made by this tatami creates an entirely new space.


Purpose of use

Put tatami on the flooring

This product is explained in detail on the website.

Zen White-Tatamimat【TOKYO TATAMI MAKER】

Zen White

Our tatami can be placed anywhere in your home. With a thickness of 1.5 cm (Only the Classic Series is 3 cm), they are thin and not so different from a rug. Tatami with and without edging are available as well as a wide range of colors. You will definitely be able to find a match for your interior.

We sell sets that can be enjoyed immediately upon delivery.

Our tatami is square, 82 cm (64.56 in) x 82 cm (64.56 in). (Except for the Classic Series)
You can make a purchase of one mat, but we also offer sets of 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12, that can be immediately spread out on the floor and enjoyed upon arrival.


Just by placing tatami in a room, the atmosphere becomes that of a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn).
It may be a new experience, but please try lying down on tatami. Don’t forget to remove your shoes.


Many people in the United States purchase tatami to place in the bedroom.
Please spread the tatami over the bed frame or flooring and place a mattress or futon on top.


Recommended for babies that have started crawling and walking. Works well as a play mat.


High-grade natural igusa tatami and all materials are produced domestically in Japan.


Enjoy the texture of natural washi (Japanese paper), a Japanese made product used as the surface material in this series.


The application of high-grade igusa texture and breakthrough functionality

Classic Series

Traditional Cloth Edging Design

TOKYO TATAMI MAKER ships Japanese made tatami to U.S.A., Singapore, and other countries all over the world.
This exporting business is operated by TATAMISER Co., Ltd. with support from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, which is an Independent Administrative Institution under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

I was able to lay tatami oneself by the floor.

Easy tatami space was completed. 

Classical tatami. 

Tatami classic


Customer feedback

I will send you the picture of the tatami mat made.

I made it according to the dimensions, it was perfect.
I would appreciate your favor if there is another opportunity.  

The width of the tatami mats is 1000 mm. This size is the maximum width that can be manufactured. 

Two tall 1000 mm 2 meters.

It is large enough for adults to lie.

If it is a tatami with a rim, it can be made up to a width of 1000 mm even with a thickness of 30 mm. 

Material used

Natural rush

Size of tatami

1670mm×1000mm×31mm  2mats


Izumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture

Purpose of use

Renovation from Western style room to Japanese style room

This product is explained in detail on the website.

Traditional Cloth Edging Design