[ Case Studies ] Interior design with tatami mats exported from Japan

The tatamis TOKYO TATAMI MAKER delivers to the world are made in Japan using domestically produced materials. The tatami mats manufactured by our company are specially produced such that the back of these mats is slip resistance. Therefore, these mats can be laid directly and easily on floors such as a wooden floor. Since the back of these mats is manufactured using non-woven fabric materials, our company’s tatami mats will leave little to no damage to your floors while maintaining high slip resistance. Customer Case Studies → https://order-tatami.com/

The surface material of Tatamimat

Inquiry form ↓ https://forms.gle/PqZfhxWpfCaWEmd17 Our tatami can be placed anywhere in your home. With a thickness of 1.5 cm (Only the Classic Series is 3 cm), they are thin and not so different from a rug. Tatami with and without edging are available as well as a wide range of colors. You will definitely be able to find a match for your interior. We sell sets that can be enjoyed immediately upon delivery. Our tatami is square, 82 cm (64.56 in) x 82 cm (64.56 in). (Except for the Classic Series) You can make a purchase of one mat, but we also offer sets of 3, 4, 6, 9, and […]

A wonderful “chashitsu” tea ceremony room.

Goza Carpet https://japanese-tatamimat.com/goza Igusa Akebono carpet style that you can comfortably enjoy the igusa fragrance. We have received a photo from a customer who purchased a goza carpet from us the other day. The photo shows how the customer spreads the goza carpet out on wooden flooring and performs the tea ceremony on it. the customer is using a genuine tea set and has created a wonderful “chashitsu” tea ceremony room. The goza carpet is made entirely of the surface portion of tatami mats. It can be folded up to a compact size, and therefore can be stowed when the room is not being used for the tea ceremony. The customer […]

Tatami texture

Classic Series Traditional Cloth Edging Design The edging seen in the Classic Series is a traditional pattern.We offer two types with differing lengths and these are made thicker than our other tatami mat series. When placed over flooring, the small elevation made by this tatami creates an entirely new space Classic Series https://japanese-tatamimat.com/classic ZEN This tatami does not have an aroma as it does not contain materials made from igusa. Just like the Tokyo Series, these mats have been water and stain proofed, so no matter the spill; water, tea, coffee, etc., there will be no trace left after cleaning. Extremely water repellant and resistant to color fading. ZEN Series […]

How we quote for our made to measure Tatami mats

How we quote for our made-to-measure Tatami mats There are two way in which we can provide a quote. You can ask us to quote based on the size and quantity of Tatami mats. You can ask us to quote based on the size of your room CUSTOM SIZE TATAMI MATS if you want to make custom tatami mats ↓ https://s.s-tatami.info/customsizetatami https://japanese-tatamimat.com/ TOKYO TATAMI MAKER

At TOKYO TATAMI MAKER, only the Igusa with the highest quality whose length is over 140cm is used for producing tatami mats.

IGUSA High-grade natural igusa tatami and all materials are produced domestically in Japan. ZEN Enjoy the texture of natural washi (Japanese paper), a Japanese made product used as the surface material in this series. TOKYO SERIES The application of high-grade igusa texture and breakthrough functionality Classic Series Traditional Cloth Edging Design