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DIY Tatami Do you want to replace your old tatami with your own stylish Ryukyu tatami?

How to Order Measure the size of the tatami and request by email a quote for Ryukyu tatami If you contact us via our enquiry form or by email about the size of your room, we will reply with drawings with the tatami pasted in and a quote within one business day. Tatami is produced in millimeters, so we can handle detailed sizes. We can fabricate tatami in sizes between thicknesses of 15 mm to 60 mm. (Consult with us if your tatami will exceed 60 mm.) TOKYO TATAMI MAKER

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It is possible to send Tatami samples by post.

Which type of which color do you want to see? Is only Igusa I want to see? It is $ 9 per item Please tell me the name and color of the item you care about. If there is some type of tatami facing that interests you, please feel free to ask us for a sample, using the following form.

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Tatami to art

The order from overseas is increasing! This is an order from the United States. Very innovative and artistic. It is a color use like to stop at ease. It is too cool!

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Bright room with tatami

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If you sleep on a tatami floor with futon, this tatami is recommended

TOKYO TATAMI MAKER We will deliver tatami made in Japan to the users of the world.Tatami that can be ordered in size can be produced according to the size of your room.

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Elegant and calm room with tatami floor

Golden Week is over and everyday is coming back. Osaka is rainy, but plants looks happy.