Tatami’s impression, customers in the US

It is an impression of the customer who purchased Tatami.

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Igusa Akebono 6 Mats Set

Q1. Before ordering tatami mats from our company, what kinds of concerns or troubles did you have? What was your desired solution to them?

I wanted authentic Japanese tatami made from natural materials to go under my shikibuton

Q2. How did you find out about our tatami mats? (keyword searches, SNS, introduction by other parties, etc.)

Google search

Q3. After finding out about our tatami mats, did you consider applying immediately?

It was between you and another company

Q4. What points (which characteristics) were the deciding factors which led to your order?


Q5. After actually using our tatami mats, what are your thoughts and feelings on them? Please provide your honest impressions.

I love them and they would be great as flooring but I wish I had ordered the traditional thicker ones to go under the shikibuton. I did not realize these were so thin.

Q6. Any other opinions or views you would like to share with us

Easy to use, move, clean.


Igusa Akebono 6 Mats Set