The cushioning of the tatami mat is neither too hard nor too soft.

If you step on the mat with your foot, it will only sink in slightly. Your baby’s hands and feet will not be hurt when it crawls around on this mat. Also, even if your baby should bump its head on the mat, the mat is not as hard as a regular wood floor, so we think it is quite safe for your baby. Japanese babies also often spend a great deal of time playing and crawling on tatami mats in traditional Japanese style rooms.

Both the TOKYO and Zen series are odorless. There are no nutrients that would encourage the growth of mites or mold. Furthermore, compared to the IGUSA, their durability is strong. The TOKYO series can easily be cleaned and will leave no trace of spills or dirt, simply by wiping it clean immediately. The ZEN series has a water-repellent finish, so even if you spill a liquid, it will simply form droplets of the liquid which can easily be wiped away.

Tatami mats are flooring that require shoes to be removed. Japanese tatami mats are not suited for the use of shoes. We think you would be best to remove your shoes, and allow your baby to play and crawl on the tatami mats. It is very comfortable material for that purpose.