tatami bench

Whiter than white? Tokyo gray and modern tatami

Tokyo Silver Gray

I got a nice photo from the customer so I will introduce it!
Here, it is really cool! Fashionable! It is!
What on earth is full of individuality. .

White tatami 1

Customer feedback

Tatami was not laid on the floor of the room,
I used it to make a trolley bed like a photo.
It is 140 cm strong, so it will be something like a bench rather than a bed …

The wheel of the trolley is a sense of playful appearance,
It does not move as it is.
I thought it was fashionable to find a trolley table before on the Internet
I applied it to the bed.

The color and finish of your company’s tatami is good and a good bed is made.

White tatami 2

… Obviously … it’s a bench!

A pure white tatami that awakens is gray in Tokyo Silver Gray cattle.
If you want a pure white modern room, gray is better than an ivory
Sometimes it looks whitish with dimming.
It is my favorite of the people I chose, but it’s good to choose gray!

Material used

Tokyo Silver Gray


Ibaraki Prefecture

Purpose of use

Tatami on the bench

This product is explained in detail on the website.
Tokyo Silver Gray 6 Mats Set