How to lay tatami carpet

Place the mat in the center of the room, so the center of the mat (the floral pattern) aligns with the middle of the room. Temporarily fix (x) A~B with pins. Please stay.

Next, smooth out the wrinkles on the rush mat from the center toward C, and temporarily fix (x) several places with pins as shown in the figure.

Next, please smooth out the wrinkles on the grassy part in the direction of D and officially fix it with a pin.

Stretch the rush mat in the opposite direction C again, remove the pin that was temporarily fixed (x) at the beginning, and pin it officially.

Finally, remove the pin that was temporarily fixed to the center A to B, and formally fix the surroundings to complete. Check from time to time to see if the pin is missing.

Wrinkles will disappear over time as the mats continue to be used. This is not a defective product, so please use it with reassurance.

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