tatamimat 9mats

Handmade tatami corner!

Great! Customers who made tatami corners by themselves!

great! Customers who made tatami corners by themselves!

Akebono 1

Customer feedback

I tried to make a part of the living room with a small raised tatami floor with DIY
Tatami was firmly made
I smell fresh grass and calms down my feelings

Akebono 2

This middle hole can sit

It is made to let a man sit down by removing the center tatami mat

Material used

Natural rush IGUSA

Size of tatami

82 x 82 x 1.5 cm(32.3 x 32.3 x 0.6 inches)  9 mats

Igusa Akebono 9 Mats Set


Nara Prefecture of Japan

Purpose of use


This product is explained in detail on the website.

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