I put tatami in the entrance

The warmth of the tatami mats me.

It was an order for tatami to use for the entrance

entrnce tatami


Customer feedback

I put it in the part of the up stile of our house entrance.
It is a part of entering the house,
The warmth of Tatami makes me relieved.
I wonder if I can still use part of unexpected tatami around the house
thinking about.


tatami before

tatami mats around the house

It is not a style that spreads tatami over the whole surface, but laying down tatami with a single point is stylish production.
Tatami greeted me as soon as I entered the entrance.
It is a unique hospitality in Japan not in the world.

Material used

Natural rush

Size of tatami

755mm×850mm×15mm  2mats


Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Purpose of use

Put tatami in part of the entrance

This product is explained in detail on the website.

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