Yellow and green tatami. What is the difference?

The tatami mats can have a long life of use if they are set to avoid direct sunlight and there is moderate ventilation.

If the tatami mats are used in a room with strong direct sunlight, the color will change quickly and the color will turn darker. The use of curtains to avoid direct sunlight or placement in the shade will help to ensure that you end up with beautiful golden colored tatami mats.


Just by placing tatami in a room, the atmosphere becomes that of a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). It may be a new experience, but please try lying down on tatami. Don’t forget to remove your shoes.


Many people in the United States purchase tatami to place in the bedroom. Please spread the tatami over the bed frame or flooring and place a mattress or futon on top.


Recommended for babies that have started crawling and walking. Works well as a play mat.


High-grade natural igusa tatami and all materials are produced domestically in Japan.

Classic Series

Traditional Cloth Edging Design

TOKYO TATAMI MAKER ships Japanese made tatami to U.S.A., Singapore, and other countries all over the world. This exporting business is operated by TATAMISER Co., Ltd. with support from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, which is an Independent Administrative Institution under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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